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Choosing the Correct Screwdriver | Felipe Oliveira Engineering
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February 7, 2019
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Choosing the Correct Screwdriver

Choose the Right Screwdriver

When you’re DIYing, it’s always the best idea to get the best tools for the job. Having the right tools makes everything easier and means you have no workarounds. We’re going to look at the different types of screwdrivers available to help you make the best choices.

We’re going to ignore powered screwdrivers in this blog, but the same principles apply for when you’re choosing a bit for your electric screwdriver.

Slotted or Flathead

The flat head screwdriver is used on screws that have a single slit. The right size should fit in the screw with no movement and slippage when you turn the screw. If you’re kitting out your toolbox getting a range of sizes would be an idea.


Invented by Henry Phillips in the 1930s, these cross headed screwdrivers are used in the manufacture of a wide range of products. Philips screws have a cross-shaped recess and rounded shoulders. They have a flat tip.


Pozidrive screws are often mistaken for Phillips. They are very similar in that they both have cross heads, but where the Philips screw will have rounded corners, a Pozidrive has an additional set of indentations at 45° to the main cross. A Pozidrive has a slightly rounded tip.

Hex or Allen

A hex screw or Allen key is used on hexagonal tipped screws. Make sure you have the right size because if you don’t you can chew the screw beyond the point of usefulness.


This type of screw is common in electrical appliances and motor cars. It is sometimes described as a star head screw. It has six points and is used in electrical appliances. Don’t be tempted to sue any other type of screwdriver because it will chew the screw’s head.


This is a square-headed type of screw that uses a square-headed screwdriver. This type of screw is easier to use than a Phillips’ head and is less susceptible to chewing, they are quite rare, however.

With all screwdrivers it’s best to get an entire set that consists of all the sizes, that way you’ll never find yourself with the right tool for the job.