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DIY Bathroom Storage | Felipe Oliveira Engineering
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May 3, 2019
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DIY Bathroom Storage

Moving into my small house has required me to think extra hard on space saving ideas that are also cute and stationary. I recall seeing something similar to this in the past so I decided to try and make it on my own. Went down to my local hardware store and talked with on the of the guys there about any scrap or extra wood they might have lying around. He walked me around to their “usual” hiding spots but didn’t have any luck. Then as we walked past a rear door I saw a small pallet stacked against it to go out to the garbage. I asked if I could have it and he said yes! Yay!! I just love saving money and I preferred pallet wood due to having the trim in my home made from repurposed pallet wood. After that great score, I had to buy some hose clamps, to fit around the mason jars I had already purchased, some wood screws to attach the clamps to the pallet wood and the right size drill to put a hole into the clamp.


After getting everything home, it was time to start the project! I made sure I had all the materials (I actually did this time) before getting started since I hate that mid-project stop to make another run to the store. I started by measuring the wood to know where I wanted each jar placed. Then I made my first attempt at drilling into the clamps. It failed. I was trying to start a new hole but my drill wasnt sharp enough to get through it. So I decided to use the last ring on the clamp itself as the start of the hole. This worked out pretty well but I do recommend some leather gloves for that part because the clamp loves to spin when it catches on the drill. While I’m at it, wear some safety glasses too… that whole eyesight thing is kind of a big deal. Once I got the holes drilled, I put the screws through the holes and then lined up the clamps so they were even before screwing them down to the wood. One hint here, when laying out the clamps make sure the side you tighten isn’t facing the wall but instead facing out. Really makes attaching the jars much easier.


Which is the last step, attaching the jars. I lined the clamp up with the bottom ring on the jar and tightened them down. Now that this was all done it came down to attaching the whole pretty thing to the wall. I just drilled a hole on each end of the wood for a long wood screw to go through and attach to an anchor in the wall. Very important to anchor it down if attaching it to sheetrock.

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