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DIY Home Kitchen | Felipe Oliveira Engineering
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December 1, 2018
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DIY Home Kitchen

DIY kitchen

The most daunting task we may ever face in our adult lives is remodeling our own kitchen or better yet taking on the task of giving our DIY kitchens style and class. We’ve all seen kitchen crashers. They make it look fun and fabulous. What they don’t share with you is how much hard work it can really be. Sometimes even a little sprucing up in a kitchen can be a lot of work.

One thing that I hate is when you move into a new house; you love everything except the kitchen. It’s either too small or horribly out dated. When you are working with a budget when buying a house, sometimes you have to make a sacrifice and the kitchen is often one of them because houses with great kitchens can fetch a premium price.

When I moved into my new house; every aspect was perfect except my kitchen. It was on the small side and completely outdated. I didn’t have enough cabinet space and I had too much counter space. Oh yeah and they didn’t tell me about the plumbing problems throughout the house; mainly the kitchen. Boy was I surprised! When it comes down to it though; I loved the house in general and fixing up the kitchen was a small thing when overall everything else was so great.

Though you never have to fear; there is always a way to make a great DIY kitchen on a budget. And if you have the extra to spend don’t be afraid to pamper yourself; especially if you are the one doing a lot of the cooking.

DIY kitchens don’t need to be a headache, just keep things simple. Start with any plumbing and electric work. That way all you have to do is update cabinets, counters, flooring and appliances.

Flooring can be tricky. When it comes to choosing flooring; it has to suit your needs. I’m a traditionalist myself and will always choose tile, even though I have hardwood through the rest of the house. I feel a space needs to be broken up a little and tile is easy to keep clean and you don’t have to worry about the wood becoming stained over time.

Kitchen floors see the most abuse so choose something that you think will with stand what your family can throw at it.

DIY Kitchen Cabinets

Hanging cabinets can be very simple. It is a two man job, so make sure you have some back up to help you. From my own experience, make sure you have a stud finder, long wood screws and a drill. A drill makes the job go a lot quicker and more pain free. In this DIY project c-clamps are your friends.

  1. Make sure you know what your layout will look like. Mark the wall where the cabinets will go to help guide you.
  2. Next, find your studs are and mark them. This is very important because making sure your cabinet is anchored into the studs will save you a headache later. It also makes for a more sturdy cabinet.
  3. Drill your anchor holes in the wall and the cabinet itself. When deciding where the holes go, you need to first figure out how you want your cabinet doors to swing open. Wall hanging cabinets are made to be flipped whichever way you need them.
  4. Hang up a ledger board and make sure it is level. This will help you keep your cabinets even as you start hanging them.
  5. Anchor your first cabinet to the wall. Hold the second cabinet next to the first. Line them up and add c-clamps to the middle part between the cabinets. This will get them to fit snugly next to each other. Now attach the second cabinet to the wall.
  6. Do this with all the new cabinets you add. It will line them up nicely and ensure the most stability.

Hanging your own cabinets can be the easiest thing you’ll do to your kitchen; though maybe not easier than a DIY play kitchen for the kids.

Now all you have to worry about is what handles you want on your cabinets, if any, and whether you are going to stain or paint them.

If you do decide to stain them, do so before you hang them. Then do touch ups when you have hung them.

We all know that couple sometimes tend to buy their dream home first at times before tying the knot; so don’t be afraid to take your budget down even further by making DYI wedding invites too. It is certainly simpler than working on your kitchen.

Doing things for yourself can be headache free if you just have the right tools and know how to use them correctly. DIY is great to keep you busy and make you feel like you have accomplished something. And the more DIY projects you do, the better you will become at them.

This could even be a good DIY gift idea, if you have friends that are having a house warming party. Gifts don’t have to be material they can just be helpful; so why not help your friends install their own DIY kitchen? This is certainly one way of paying it forward, something we should all do more often.