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DIY Home Security | Felipe Oliveira Engineering
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November 21, 2018
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DIY Home Security

home security

It is not easy to achieve real peace of mind in this day and age, but it is possible. Especially if have a good home security system. DIY home security can offer you the peace of mind you need in a world that is growing more chaotic every day. The local news feeds you the frame of mind that crime rates are raising radically and you should put your families’ safety first.

You’ may have called several different security firms and you just find that they are out of your budget range. It’s time to take action for yourself and your family. No, I don’t mean grab up the nearest baseball bat and run around like a crazy person scaring everyone in your neighborhood, in search of evil doers.

In a redneck shanty town this might look normal; but in rural suburbia they’ll probably just cart you away for disorderly conduct. Yes, I am allowed to say redneck shanty town; roots are roots after all. Beside the point though; home security systems can be expensive but you shouldn’t compromise your sanity either just to keep your family safe.

DIY Home Security Tips

  1. Start Local: Most police stations will send an officer out if you call and ask; now not for anything frivolous per say but they will send one out for an inspection to help point out where your home can be more secure. You can also get involved with your neighborhood watch; that way you aren’t the only one looking out for your home. There are plenty of resources out there, you just need to tap into them and make them work in your favor, rather than ignoring things and really needing the help later.
  2. Lock your Doors:Thinking your neighborhood is safe enough or that a home burglary would never happen to you creates a sense of false security and one ounce of prevention goes a long way when it comes to true peace of mind.
  3. Let’s Play Possum: It is easy to fool anyone, even if you don’t have a dog; get beware of dog signs and post them where they can be clearly seen. No one wants Fido nipping on their heels when their trying to make their getaway. You can even get mock cameras to put up for really cheap; image can be everything when keeping your home safe. When there is an obstacle in the way it can be the biggest deterrent.
  4. The Biggest Fix: Install motion activated lighting to light up everything if there is any movement in your yard at night. Light is a burglars’ worst enemy; it means they can be seen by anyone, including whoever may be sleeping in the house. When installing these lights position them so that you are going to be able to notice the lights from inside the house the moment they trigger on.

DIY Wireless Home Security

Wireless home set ups are a lot easier to do yourself than the wired set up. Usually with a wired set up the headache is solved by just having someone come out and do the work for you, but that can get expensive.

Wireless does the same thing as wired, just without the headache, and it is easier for you to set things up how you want them. Both alarm systems react the same for example, they go off if someone is trying to open your door or windows while it is armed.

However, no matter what set up you choose, it is a lot easier to do the monitoring yourself and systems can be programed to send a text to you when the alarm is triggered.

Most companies that monitor security systems can get very expensive and the monthly costs do not cover the initial set-up fees.

Depending on the set up you go with, whether wireless or wired; when dealing with the cameras most of them are motion detectors. Meaning they won’t come on unless there is movement nearby; technically speaking this can be very energy efficient in comparison to older systems. Technology just keeps on getting better and better in this field.

To help you with a nudge in the right direction, here is a short list of some security systems on the market that you may find helpful for your home:

  • Fortress SO2-C
  • Iris Safe and Secure (Lowe’s Home Improvement Brand)
  • iSmart Alarm
  • Piper
  • SecurityMan Air-AlarmIIE
  • SimpliSafe Classic

A lot of these alarms are very customizable and you can make them fit your needs. They are also easy to get up and running. Another great thing about the brands that I have listed here is the DIY home security camera features included in them. You get the whole pizza, not a slice of the pie.

Having cameras installed will give you more peace of mind, especially if you aren’t home when the alarm sounds. You can get a visual and know exactly what is going on; when it comes down to it that is peace of mind.

Installing your own DIY home security may not be as easy was DIY clothes, but it is definitely a project worth your time and effort and provides much more peace of mind than a bedazzled pair of shoes would grant you and your family. Then again, I could be wrong; for some women shoes are their peace of mind and their chicken soup for the soul. However, even a woman who loves her shoes knows that it would be a crime if someone came in and stole them.

I digress, though. There are thousands of DIY blogs out there that can help you decide what direction you want to go in with your home security and most stores that sell security systems will be able to give you an idea of how difficult a home security system is to install.